Posted On December 27, 2010

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from Grandma Ralfs


2 egg whites

3 tbsp. Water

4 oz. Caster sugar

1/2 oz. Cocoa

1 gill double cream( 1/4 pint or 5 fluid oz.) whipped

Rub a baking tray with a few drops of salad oil and dust with flour.

Put cocoa in small saucepan with water and cook a few minutes, then put aside to cool.

Whip the egg whites stiff, then whip 2 dessertspoons of the sugar with the whites and beat until stiff. Fold in the remaining sugar with the cooled chocolate mixture. Put mixture in forcing bag with 1/2 “ pipe and pipe fingers of the meringue on to prepared tray. The mixture should make 18 fingers. Bake in a low oven 180 deg. For 1  1/2 to 2 hours, or til they are dry.

Sandwich together with whipped cream.