Posted On December 22, 2010

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from Dorothy Malkin

An excellent cake with a little alcohol. Very pretty for an occasion. Assemble in a glass bowl with vertical sides.

1 Devil’s food cake mix (made the night before: better two days before)

500 mL. whipping cream (whipped)

2 pkgs. chocolate mousse (made up) [let it set for 30 minutes]

6-8 frozen & crumbled Skor bars

3/4 cup Kahlua or Creme de Cacao (6 ounces)

Make cake one or two nights before. Let it cool completely but leave it in the pan. Cut into 2″ squares and marinate in Kahlua. On the day you will serve it, make mousse, whip cream and crumble chocolate bars. In a large bowl (clear glass looks wonderful for this) layer the ingredients — cake, mousse, cream, chocolate bars. Two or three layers, depending on the size of your bowl. Our glass bowl takes only two layers. Chill and Eat.

The mousse: at the grocery store, look in the Jell-O and pudding section. We use oetker mousse. It is like an instant pudding mix.

To crumble the chocolate bars, freeze them first and use a hammer.

The bowl we use is 12 cm high and has 25 cm diameter: Volume = 5 litres